Sadness in America

This post is not the most pleasurable one to make. It took some days to consider the idea of writing it or not. But I decided to make an article related to the tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut. And I do so not only because I feel this anger inside myself, but also in memory of those people, specially the children.

It was the day after all the happening that I found courage to read, listen and talk about the killing of the 27 people in Newtown last week. For me it was, and still is, so outrageous, disgusting and undeniably unforgivable that it was too hard to know more about it. At that time I didn’t want to know more, because for me it wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t get back the lives of the 20 children. Unfortunately.

But I’m not going to write about everything that happened. No. All of us is tired and sick of it. We already know the necessary. I want here to discuss as an outsider, what is going on with the American Society?

I live in a place where I found myself so comfortable and welcomed, that is difficult to discuss about the bad side. But let’s be honest here: no country is perfect. No society is all correct. And just because of that we need to learn our mistakes as human-beings and as a group of people. That’s what I want to take from this sad moment in America.

Advises are not my intent. Instead, discuss the problem is. Back in Brazil I like to put our problems into discussion because it makes us think about them and reflect on our role in the World. There I like to take our weaknesses and work on how to make them become strengths. And right now we fight against violence too, but there is something that is different in our perspective: we know that those people are the Bad Guys, the Criminals, the Wrong Ones. Here in the US the feeling I have is that the normal people is turning against each other and doing those horrible things. Not only in this episode, but in many others, like the one during the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ movie session.

I’m not saying that people in America is bad. What I’m saying is that the power to kill is in anyone’s hand. It may be someone sitting next to you in the bus. It may be your college classmate. Anyone has the right to have a gun. Anyone has the right to protect themselves and in some circumstances kill their relatives, friends, and uncountable innocent unknown people.

And thinking about that I remember how odd was for me to make American friends in my college here. How closed they were to let me be part of their routine and maybe understand more about me, my culture and my life as someone worthy of their respect. I still have only a few american friends, but they are amazing people who are up to know more about the World they live and not only their private life. This makes me happy, but it doesn’t blow away the fact that next semester it won’t be the same thing: I’ll be worried with everyone surround me. Anyone that pretend I’m not there and can have a mental issue and possibly do something harmful to me. Now, I’m afraid of their right to have a gun, in benefit of my right to live.

This all is only my testimonial of how this Sadness in America is affecting me, and how desperate I am to tell the Americans who still think they are alone in the World that they are not, and something have to be done in the values of their society in order to avoid those happenings. This is up to them. All of them. And I hope all citizens in the United States of America get through the next years without such scars in their history. I’ll be praying for all of us.

I can’t describe my feeling in writing this. But is clear to me that I did a good job in telling you, readers, how I really feel. I don’t want to offend anyone and this is not criticism by criticism. I’m truly believe the American Society need some changes, but only because I care about them.

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