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SuperBowl. SuperAwesome

I have to say the truth: I wasn’t expecting too much from this date. Now I have to say a more important truth: I loved it!

The SuperBowl is simply the most watched event on TV in the United States. And basically is the end of the National Football League (NFL). But all that is pretty clear for everyone, even those like me who comes from a culture where the word football would actually mean soccer.

Anyway, the thing here is so important that it doesn’t matter if your team is playing or not. The Final Game Night is inside the roots of the american society in a way that only experiencing it is possible to feel. Nearly everyone goes to the Walmart the day before to buy snacks and treats for the game, and they get together with friends or families to have so much fun. It works almost like finals of a World Cup for us, Brazilians.

For me being part of that was a complete experience of the life here in the US. I was really happy watching the game, cheering for a team (in this case the Ravens, because if the 49ers won, they would be tied with the Steelers in number of SuperBowls and my American Mentor Family wouldn’t be really happy about it) and most of all, understanding the joy of it all. This helps to get clear on my mind  the importance and the role of a big sport in a nation, and how close as human-beings we are, no matter what country we come from.

But I can go further and not only address it to football, but the whole complex relations of sports and a good and healthy life. Sports are amazing for every individual’s development and I’m sad that, as a child, I wasn’t very into it as I’m starting to get right now. Maybe that’s because soccer is the main thing in Brazil, and I’m really not very good at it. Anyhow, living here for 6 months I was able to go to several different sports matches and competitions, like soccer, basketball and swimming. This is an important item in the American’s life and they are completely right. Their children grow faster and healthier generation after generation and with skills developed for the rest of their lives.

As a Young Citizen I know that the future is in my hands, and I’ll make everything possible to take this example further to my country and apply it to my Godson, son, neighborhood, city, state and country.

I truly believe in this and I’m thankful for the United States (and its people) for helping me with my own development. I’m learning and extracting the most of the American culture everyday. By the way, for the first time I got the feeling that I’m understanding the rule of football.

Orlando Braga Jr.

PS: The Halftime concert with Beyonce was just amazing by itself. But there is nothing less to expecting coming from this great artist. =)

Half of Me – Diversity of Influence and Feeling of Union

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving time in the US and at the same Black Conscious in Brazil. Both have different meanings, but the two can be used to develop some ideas and make creativity unleash more. And in this post I’ll talk a little bit about those ideas, and some others.

Drama. Pity. Mercy. And some other characteristics that drive us to feel sorry for the homosexual characters in current literature is the most common kind of mention related to gay issues. With Half of Me (not True Colors anymore) I’m offering a different point of view.

To begin with, the main character is not gay. But he sees himself related to an environment where the freedom of thinking and behaving is encouraged. Not coincidentally he faces himself everyday in challenging situations to the way he views life. This will be developed in a way that I can show how normal it is to have a different sexuality; that it shouldn’t be something abnormal, and in fact it is not.

I decided to put this into focus, because in Brazil the Black Conscious Day (and Week events) are related to the awareness of the influence and culture of black people in Brazil social development. It is a time to praise a fundamental piece in the mixed Brazilian people showing how normal it is to be black, and that racism is irrational. There is no difference between any other ‘race’ and black people, just the characteristics that builds our actions. In other words, what I call Diversity of Influence.

With Half of Me I want to show the Diversity of Influence of ‘gay’ lifestyle in the current way of living. It doesn’t mean that I’ll accentuate the difference. It is the complete opposite. I’ll show that what we don’t consider normal is completely common for other people and we can enrich ourselves living with that and mixing this influence with our past experience and life.

Prejudice is something we are tired to aim as enemy of any developed society. Now it is time to show how to overcome that, and maybe analyse why we think that way. And what makes me think about that is the Feeling of Union that Thanksgiving is all about. Not just be thankful for everything we have, but also be together with people. Be in piece with everyone, no matter what.

Each day my experience in the US turns out as a surprise. I get to know more about me, the others and the World. I stop to think before acting and saying. I understand that life is just one to waste with hate, instead we have to make meaning of our actions. It must worth living. It must be good to live. All of that I’ll work in Half of Me.

The beginning. At least a new beginning.

Hey World! Here it is one more blog to you! I hope you have space for one more person’s voice! Me. I’m Orlando Braga Jr. Some fast facts: I’m Brazilian. I live in Cedar Rapids, IA. I’m a writer. I like to be polemic. I love to share the word. Specifically my words. I’m not here to be one more. I’m here to be me; Share myself, my life and my work.

So here I go. That’s my first blog in English, so forgive me if make any mistake. I’m not perfect, and actually I don’t like the idea of perfection. The wrong is sexier and healthier to ourselves. It allow us to risk more and more every time. But anyway, I’m not here to talk about mistakes, failure or anything like that. I just want to make sure that YOU, don’t expect from me to be always right and search line by line to find mistakes. I just share my ideas and my point of view, in the most honest way.

This space is my little area in this vast Internet Blogging Environment, and all I want is to share my work with y’all! I’m a writer. A novelist, to be precise. And throughout the year, I’ll be posting texts and news from my projects. But you can also expect from me to say without any edition my opinions to everything that is happening right now in the World.

Those projects I talked above are my novels. I have some of them “under construction”, but all in Portuguese and at this point, stopped. Along with this blog I will also develop my newest project called True Colors. No, it is not related to the song. And no, this is not definite; the title may change.

True Colors is about life. Is the story of a reporter trying to understand an artist. It is set in Chicago and São Paulo. I love artists, and this book is dedicated to all of them. But if you is an artist, tell me more about you and your art. I’ll be more than happy to listen your story.

And that’s the end of my 1st post. I don’t expect you to like my blog, but I really appreciate comments and new ideas. Please don’t hesitate if you want to talk. Feedback means a lot to me, and I guess to every writer too.

In each post you will know a little bit more about me and my work.

As soon as possible, I’ll be back,

Orlando Braga Jr