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Thanksgiving and New Project!

It’s Thanksgiving Week! As a human being I tend to complain a lot about everything, but when it comes the last Thursday of November it’s impossible not to remember the lessons I’ve learned with my American Family and my International Friends during this same time in 2012. I’ve learned to be more grateful than greedy, and to be always positive about things.

This year in especially I’ve been through so many things that these memories gave me some brand new perspective about my life and my responsibility as a person. That’s when it comes to action my New Project. Come with me in this new Journey!

I’ve came back home a long time ago, mid 2013, and I’m starting to feel that my English is fading away day by day. Of course I still know how to speak, write and recognize all my knowledge in the language in a bearable way, but it’s impossible to say it’s the same as it was when I was living in the USA.

I know that I need to keep in touch with the English language and to do so I decided to go further than just listening to music and watching movies and TV Shows. I’m gonna start a New Project that right now I call TIE, which stands for Tale In English. Someone might ask: “Why?”, and the answer it’s very simple: I want to do something different and meaningful.

I’m a huge fan of the writing career and I have the most respect for all professionals in this area. Being a writer it’s like playing as some sort of God. It gives one the possibility to create an entire World and give directions to it, for example. Besides I can’t even explain how pleasurable it’s all the process of planning, researching and developing an idea to the point of putting it on paper, or on screen. Part of ourselves is transformed into a piece of art! Isn’t it awesome? Well, I think it is. But that’s not all.

My year living in he USA was an amazing experience to me. I’ve learned a lot about myself, others and the World we all live in. And now I feel prepared to discuss all of it. I actually feel that I need to do so, because maybe I’ll help someone to find itself too and learn the things that I’ve learned about how to be a better and more thankful person. I guess that’s a great way to give back to the community the opportunities that came my way.

So, the TIE Project will be a fictional entertainment work that is based upon my exchange trip to another country at the same time that it improves my writing and English skills, ok? I wouldn’t call it a novel considering I’m going to post all of it’s content here, but the structure will be the same. I’ll try to write a chapter every week and post it on Sundays. This starting next week!

It’s going to be a fun ride and I count with you to make of this project a success!!


Orlando Braga Jr

Half of Me – Diversity of Influence and Feeling of Union

Hey, it’s Thanksgiving time in the US and at the same Black Conscious in Brazil. Both have different meanings, but the two can be used to develop some ideas and make creativity unleash more. And in this post I’ll talk a little bit about those ideas, and some others.

Drama. Pity. Mercy. And some other characteristics that drive us to feel sorry for the homosexual characters in current literature is the most common kind of mention related to gay issues. With Half of Me (not True Colors anymore) I’m offering a different point of view.

To begin with, the main character is not gay. But he sees himself related to an environment where the freedom of thinking and behaving is encouraged. Not coincidentally he faces himself everyday in challenging situations to the way he views life. This will be developed in a way that I can show how normal it is to have a different sexuality; that it shouldn’t be something abnormal, and in fact it is not.

I decided to put this into focus, because in Brazil the Black Conscious Day (and Week events) are related to the awareness of the influence and culture of black people in Brazil social development. It is a time to praise a fundamental piece in the mixed Brazilian people showing how normal it is to be black, and that racism is irrational. There is no difference between any other ‘race’ and black people, just the characteristics that builds our actions. In other words, what I call Diversity of Influence.

With Half of Me I want to show the Diversity of Influence of ‘gay’ lifestyle in the current way of living. It doesn’t mean that I’ll accentuate the difference. It is the complete opposite. I’ll show that what we don’t consider normal is completely common for other people and we can enrich ourselves living with that and mixing this influence with our past experience and life.

Prejudice is something we are tired to aim as enemy of any developed society. Now it is time to show how to overcome that, and maybe analyse why we think that way. And what makes me think about that is the Feeling of Union that Thanksgiving is all about. Not just be thankful for everything we have, but also be together with people. Be in piece with everyone, no matter what.

Each day my experience in the US turns out as a surprise. I get to know more about me, the others and the World. I stop to think before acting and saying. I understand that life is just one to waste with hate, instead we have to make meaning of our actions. It must worth living. It must be good to live. All of that I’ll work in Half of Me.